2019 The Latest Pearl and Moonstone Necklaces Jewelry Design Style for Birthstone Of June

Drop Dangle Earrings Boho Chic Costume Jewelry
Drop Dangle Earrings Boho Chic Costume Jewelry
What is the birthstone of June?  they are Pearl and Moonstone.
Throughout history, pearls have always symbolized wealth, happiness and nobility. In feudal society, power, money, and dignity were represented by pearls. Pearls symbolized happiness, peace, and auspiciousness by civilians. Pearls were always loved by people and were praised as jewelry queens because of their warmth, elegance, and magnificence. The international gemstone industry also lists pearls as the lucky stones for June’s birth, the commemorative stones for the thirteenth and thirtieth anniversaries of marriage. In Rome, they believed that the Moonstone was formed by moonlight, and the shadow of Diana, the God of moonstone, could be seen from the moonstone. The Greeks also believed that it was the symbol of Venus, the God of beauty and love, and that emerald was also one of the love stones of Venus, the God of love. In the Middle Ages, people believed that staring at moonstones would make people fall asleep and predict the future from their dreams. Even in some Arab countries, moonstones are often sewn into clothes as a symbol of wealth. In modern India, moonstones are still considered sacred symbols, and they are used as dream stones because they are supposed to give the wearer beautiful fantasies at night. In Eastern Indian legends, the Moonstone represents the symbol of the third eye and purifies spiritual understanding. Baroque Pearl Drop Dangle Earrings Set
Pearl is an ancient organic gem, mainly produced in mollusks of Pearl shellfish and Pearl mother shellfish; and are composed of a large number of tiny aragonite crystals; they are rich in variety, different in shape and colorful; according to geological and archaeological studies, 200 million years ago, the earth already has pearls ; Pearls with magnificent color and elegant temperament, symbolizing health, purity, wealth and happiness, have been loved by people since ancient times.
From the end of the nineteenth century to the twentieth century in Europe and the United States, especially in the period of decorative art style, Moonstone was very popular and was often used in jewelry by goldsmiths. In addition, because people think that Moonstone can arouse people’s inner feelings and passions, Moonstone is also known as “lover’s stone”, and in some places, it is called “traveler’s stone”, because it is believed that it can be protected at night. In some Asian countries, it is also used as a symbol of “no tears”.
Moonstone and pearl are listed as June Birthstone which indicates health, longevity and wealth.
For this, Topearl made them into related products, such as pearl necklaces, bracelet, earring.
Hot Style White Moonstone and Freshwater Pearl Mixed Tassel Necklace
Moonstone Pearl Mixed Tassel Necklace

Rice Freshwater Pearl Single Strand Necklace with Extender Chain and Flat Baroque Pearl Drop Dangle Earrings Chic Jewelry Set.

Moonstone Pearl Mixed Tassel Necklace
Moonstone Pearl Mixed Tassel Necklace


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