Citrine Pearl Necklaces

Amazonite Column Beads Jewelry Set
What jewelry do you wear with different skin tones? 1.Gem Color: purple, blue, green and black. 1.2 Suitable jewelry (1) Amethyst necklace: Amethyst is an important member of the crystal family. Amethyst looks noble, elegant and solemn. It can be found in various jewelry brands. Sometimes it can be matched with diamonds,...
Citrine Stone Beads 4 Strands Necklace
What is the birthstone of November? they are Topaz or Citrine. Topaz is also called Citrine in the gemstone industry of our country. Topaz is an English translation of the name, derived from the Red Sea island of Zabajad, also known as "Topaz", meaning "difficult to find". Topaz has become a...