Leather Pearl Jewelry

Pearl and Turquoise Beads Leather Wrap Bracelet
In ancient times, Turquoise represents the status of the representative, except for the Royal family, the folk basically cannot see its trace, has never been circulated among the common people, usually cannot see it. Even aristocratic landlords, no matter how rich they are, they can not be worn at...
Agate Gemstone Beaded Spiral Bracelet
There are many kinds of bracelets, such as stone bracelet, crystal bracelet, wood bead bracelet, Pearl bracelet, metal bracelet and so on. Each material has its own unique functions and advantages. 1. Stone Bracelet. First of all, let's know what the material of the stone bracelet is. Jadeite, natural crystal, Lapis...
Pipa/lute(a traditional Chinese music instrument) pearl is a member of those beautiful grotesque freshwater pearl.and they are suitable for jewelry designers to make different pearl jewelry. www.gzbeads.com China is by far known as the largest producer of cultured pearls in the world. In the world’s yearly production, over 80% come from...