How to Choose Spiritual Crystals Suitable for Yourself ?

Citrine Yellow Crystal Nugget Quartz Stone Necklace
Citrine Yellow Crystal Nugget Quartz Stone Necklace
I often receive advice from crystal enthusiasts on how to find a natural crystal that suits me. There is a flood of information on the internet. There are too many falsified versions, which may confuse you with the intention of looking for the crystal.
How to find your own crystal?
Crystals attract energy and repel energy. If you happen to find the right crystal for yourself, it will help you.
The best crystal will choose you by itself. It may be a gift from someone else. Maybe it attracts your attention when you enter the crystal store. In any case, it will resonate with your life and become your best friend.
But remember! Brilliant and dazzling crystals are not necessarily useful to you. You can spend more time selecting a crystal that really suits you.
Crystal will choose its owner
Some crystals attract your special attention. When you find yourself staring at a crystal, it’s time for you to have it. Or when you dip your hand into a basin soaked in various crystals, the first crystal your finger touches is destined to belong to you. Crystal will let you know if you should own it! Don’t think I’m deliberately creating mystery. Crystals are spiritual. It’s important whether you feel it with your heart or not.
7 Chakras Yoga Meditation Healing Bracelet
7 Chakras Yoga Meditation Healing Bracelet
This method is also effective for friends and family. 
When you see a crystal, your heart naturally shows someone’s figure. Then the crystal is his gift. Follow your intuition. This method is very effective.
Crystal can change the energy magnetic field. When you hold the crystal in your hand, the crystal will begin to communicate with you.
When choosing crystal jewelry, calm down your mind, get along with those crystals for a while, and then make a decision. Big size may not be the best, dazzling appearance, high price, is not necessarily more effective, sometimes, the simplest crystal is the best!
Hold the crystal in your hand, look at it, feel its texture and weight, let its shape and color talk to you, close your eyes, listen to what the crystal wants to say to you, if your feeling is good and comfortable, then it fits you. If you feel uncomfortable, then it’s worth seeing its meaning, and whether it makes you remember something that is not happy things or things you’re not ready to face.
There’s another way to test your coordination with crystal frequencies: when you feel scarce and tired, go into a crystal store and you’ll be attracted by a particular crystal color. Then you touch it. If the frequency is right, you’ll immediately feel happy and peaceful. Then, what else will it bring you the energy? 
Common Crystal Type
Tin Cup Necklace Bracelet Earring Jewelry set
Tin Cup Necklace Bracelet Earring Jewelry set
Amethyst (spiritual crystal)
Amethyst is called spiritual crystal, which represents chastity, nobility, and romance. Amethyst balls help calm sleeping, relax temper, regulate physical and mental harmony, develop spirituality and increase popularity.
Amethyst Purple Stones Beads Drop Dangle Earrings
Amethyst Purple Stones Beads Drop Dangle Earrings
Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz is called exorcism crystal, which can be divided into tea crystal, ink crystal, and smoke crystal according to the depth of color. Its energy is deep and steady. It can be used to absorb turbidity and get rid of evil. Smoky quartz can enhance immunity, activate cells, restore youthful vitality, which can also reduce or prevent insomnia.PD477

Crystal jewelry

itrine Yellow Crystal Nugget Quartz Stone Necklace
Citrine Yellow Crystal Nugget Quartz Stone Necklace
Rose Crystal
Pink crystal, also known as lotus crystal, is called love crystal, which represents passion and vitality. Pink crystal ball helps to improve blood circulation, make people happy.
Topaz crystal is called fortune crystal, which corresponds to the solar chakra. Topaz crystal ball helps to strengthen gastrointestinal function, enhance confidence, recruit wealth and treasure.
Green-Phantom (Career Crystal)
Green ghosts are called career crystals, which correspond to the solar wheel and represent vigor and prosperity. Placing Green Phantom Crystal Balls helps clear the liver and eyes, improve intuition, and stimulate people’s enthusiasm and vitality.
Obsidian (Leading Crystal)
Obsidian is also known as Leadership Crystal. It has deep and stable energy and can stimulate people’s wisdom.  It is also known as a psychic crystal. It is the best crystal to ward off evil spirits. Obsidian in Mexico is known as the Black Diamond Warrior and is respected as the “national stone”. Obsidian can calm the mind. It is very effective in the treatment of mental insomnia. It is also often used in spiritual cultivation


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