How to Select Purple Amethyst or Yellow Topaz Jewelry Color Depending on Skin Color ?

Amazonite Column Beads Jewelry Set
Amazonite Column Beads Jewelry Set

What jewelry do you wear with different skin tones?

1.Gem Color: purple, blue, green and black.

1.2 Suitable jewelry
(1) Amethyst necklace: Amethyst is an important member of the crystal family. Amethyst looks noble, elegant and solemn. It can be found in various jewelry brands. Sometimes it can be matched with diamonds, sometimes with other colorful gems, and it can always be amazing.

Amethyst Slice Charms Druzy Geode Pendant
Amethyst Slice Charms Druzy Geode Pendant

(2) Emerald pendant: Emerald is one of the most precious gems. It symbolizes luck and happiness. Wearing emeralds will bring peace for a lifetime.

2. Gems Color: yellow, red and orange.

2. 1 Suitable jewelry

(1)Topaz bracelet has strong energy, commonly known as the stone of wealth. It can enhance the yellow light in the gas field, and yellow light will affect the life and wealth. Therefore, topaz places in the home or office ,that can greatly enhance financial fortunes.

Citrine and Pearl Long Single Strand Necklace
Citrine and Pearl Long Single Strand Necklace

(2) Ruby rings: Ruby is a jewelry symbolizing love and luck. The hot red color, like magic, is a symbol of life, enthusiasm and vitality. It will always make people gradually addicted.

3. Neutral color

3.1 Suitable jewelry: jadeite necklace.

3.2 Suitable jewelry: People with neutral skin tone can match almost any color, as long as the color is not too red or green. However, there is a kind of jewelry that is the best choice for neutral skin color, that is, jadeite. Whether you are a girl in her 20s or an old lady in her 60s, wearing jadeite will not violate your feelings. And jadeite has many colors and a wide range of choices. No matter what you want, there will always be one for you.

How to match jewelry color with skin tone

I. White Skin
White skin people can match many colors of jewelry, but it is not suitable for pink quartz and pink tourmaline, because pink can not highlight the skin luster, and the skin can not highlight pink color, pink is the most unsuitable color jewelry for people with white skin. PD458

The jewelry with softer and lighter tones, such as K-gold and platinum products, can better set off the bright skin. Bright and dark colored jewelry, such as garnet necklace , red tourmaline jewelry, amethyst and so on, are the best choice for white-skinned people. But if the skin color is too white, diamond ornaments and crystal ornaments should not be worn, which will make the skin paler.

2. Yellow Skin
The platinum ornaments and silver ornaments are very appropriate. They can increase the elegance of the wearer. If you choose green gem, light blue gem jewelry, it also has temperament, can set off the skin more white and beautiful. Yellow skin color is also suitable for green and purple color gemstones, it will make the wearer’s skin looks very attractive, such as peridot, Amethyst and so on.

Citrine and Pearl Long Single Strand Necklace
Citrine and Pearl Long Single Strand Necklace

But try not to choose red or yellow jewelry, that will make the skin look dull.

3.Red Skin
People with reddish skin often feel hot and dull because of their color. In order to alleviate this feeling, we should choose light and cold color in the clothes and jewelry. The cold color system refers to a series of tones such as blue, green and light purple. Choose light green, dark green jewelry color can stand out vitality. Topaz, peridot jewelry, will appear more brilliant and dazzling.

But red skin color is not suitable to adorn with red or purple color gems or bright blue gems, in order to avoid making face become purple. Garnet, Amethyst and red tourmaline all make the skin more red, and reduce the beauty of the gemstone.

3. Black skin
People with dark skin are not suitable to wear white or pink gemstones in order to avoid strong contrast and make their skin more darker.

Suitable for wearing gorgeous colored jewelry, or rough style of sculpture jewelry; also suitable for wearing smoky quartz. It’s also a good choice to choose some jewelry that is similar to your skin color, which can set off the beauty of sternness and dignity. But there is another option: gems that are quite different from their skin color but very bright. The gloss of these gems can brighten the dull skin and make the wearer more energetic.


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