Interesting Things About Lava Stone–Heating Properties And Healing Properties.


No matter whom and no matter in which country, for a “professional” chowhound or a foodie, like me,has a great enthusiasm about delicious foods especially some street foods, they are fast simple but tasty. for every foodie, our goal is to do anything we can, to search for gourmet cooking in our life.

Have you try this before?Look at this black stone, I asked why it is more tasty to use this way to cook and the owner told me because with this black lava stone the hot dog tastes crispy outside and tender inside.

But do you know lava stone is a very suitable material that use to make jewelry? Lava Stone is a stone that enhances one’s connection to Mother Earth. It gives us power and courage, It provides guidance and understanding in situations ,it is very useful in dissipating anger .because after an eruption,it transforms into an elemental mixture of fire and earth. For hundreds of years, these rocks have been used by many cultures for their balancing and protective benefits.

like 7 chakra bracelets:lava stone is great for stabilizing the root chakra. When the root chakra is stabilized, you feel safe, anchored and more positive.


Because now the lava stone has become a bit of a fashion trend over the last few years. many new ideas and new designs are coming out.

Different Lava color and shape:

Lava diffuser jewelry: Lava diffuser jewelry holds unique healing properties that can support your wellness.apply some natural essential oil on your lava jewelry,such as lavender or lemon extract. helps you with common emotional struggles like reduce anxiety. also, you can use it as a sleeping aid,by placing the jewelry under the pillow when go to sleep,to help you fall asleep quickly and do not frequently wake up throughout the night. And other natural gemstone beads are also added to make healing jewelry.there are many options  they help to create very nice and unique jewelry pieces. Both of these gemstones work in harmony with lava stones to aid with some of the most common struggles we face today such as anxiety, stress.


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