Is The Ametrine The Same As An Amethyst? 

Crystal attracts countless fans’attention with its brilliant luster. Crystal is not only a crystal but also a symbol of luck and beauty. Many customers are confused when choosing Amethyst or Ametrine. Now let’s see the difference between Amethyst and Ametrine.

The difference between Amethyst and Ametrine

1. Amethyst represents spiritual, love. Natural Amethyst has a high natural spirituality. It can be used as a talisman to drive away from an evil fortune, enhance personal fortune, and promote wisdom and attention.
Ametrine symbolizes wisdom and wealth. Ametrine has the dual effect of Amethyst and topaz. It can not only stabilize mood, concentrate attention and enhance memory, but also have the effect of topaz to attract wealth and conserve wealth. It’s more spiritual than Amethyst.
2. Natural Ametrine is formed by geothermal or volcanic movement. There will inevitably be some ice cracking and cotton wool in the crystal. Because of the different degree of heating, the formation of color is different. This is the characteristic of natural Ametrine. The difference between Amethyst and Ametrine is not only in crystal and color but also in efficacy. Therefore, when wearing amethyst, we should pay attention to that. Amethyst is regarded as the “stone of honesty” by Westerners. It symbolizes sincerity, integrity, and kindness, as well as naivety and happiness, which is suitable for the younger generation. Westerners regard Ametrine as the “stone of friendship”, representing sincere love, beauty, and intelligence; symbolizing wealth and vitality, eliminating fatigue, controlling emotions, helping to rebuild confidence and life goals; Amethyst symbolizes wisdom and wealth.
3. Ametrine is made of amethyst, which is slowly faded by natural geothermal and other high-temperature effects. Therefore, Ametrine has the characteristics of both Amethyst and Topaz. There will also be natural ice cracking and more. At present, it is said that only Bolivia produces Amethyst in this country.
4. Natural amethysts can show blue or red-purple hues from different angles, which is not found in Ametrine. According to different origins of Amethyst, color is also different, the main colors are lilac, purple-red, deep red, deep purple, blue-violet, and other colors, with dark purple and red as the best, too light purple is more common.
So usually we can use Ametrine and Amethyst to make different pieces of jewelry, such as necklace, earring, bracelet . and it is also widely popular to people.


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