Something About Pipa/Lute Pearls,How Is It Looks Like?


Pipa/lute(a traditional Chinese music instrument) pearl is a member of those beautiful grotesque freshwater pearl.and they are suitable for jewelry designers to make different pearl jewelry.

China is by far known as the largest producer of cultured pearls in the world. In the world’s yearly production, over 80% come from China, and 95% are freshwater pearls.

we all know pearls come from Japan are famous. but why there is an old saying:“east pearl is better than west pearl,but the best is south pearl”(here south pearl means south pearl produced in Beihai Guangxi province not south sea pearl).according to experts, it is very possible that “east pearl” is some kinds of freshwater pearl come from Pipa/lute lake in Japan. Its oval shape and smooth surface make it become precious in freshwater pearls.

The mollusks growing in pipa/lute lake in Japan that produce Pipa/lute pearls are called Hyriopsis schlegeli. Japan freshwater pearls are popular in that time, especially pipa/lute pearls are more valuable. but now because of the freshwater resources and cultivate technology, China becomes more and more advanced in this field. And occupies an absolutely dominant position in world’s freshwater pearls market.


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