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What jewelry do you wear with different skin tones? 1.Gem Color: purple, blue, green and black. 1.2 Suitable jewelry (1) Amethyst necklace: Amethyst is an important member of the crystal family. Amethyst looks noble, elegant and solemn. It can be found in various jewelry brands. Sometimes it can be matched with diamonds,...
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Topearl is going to teach you what is the February birthstone. It is amethyst. Amethyst is suitable for many age groups of female friends, and it is beautiful to wear. Legend has it that Bacchus, the goddess of wine, was angry at the dispute with Diana, the moon goddess. He...
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Crystal attracts countless fans'attention with its brilliant luster. Crystal is not only a crystal but also a symbol of luck and beauty. Many customers are confused when choosing Amethyst or Ametrine. Now let's see the difference between Amethyst and Ametrine. The difference between Amethyst and Ametrine 1. Amethyst represents spiritual, love....