The Secret You Must Know About Birthstone of February Amethyst

Amethyst Stone Loose Bead Wholesaler
Amethyst Stone Loose Bead Wholesaler
Topearl is going to teach you what is the February birthstone. It is amethyst. Amethyst is suitable for many age groups of female friends, and it is beautiful to wear.
Freshwater Pearl Twisted Bracelet
Freshwater Pearl Twisted Bracelet
Legend has it that Bacchus, the goddess of wine, was angry at the dispute with Diana, the moon goddess. He sent a fierce tiger to retaliate, but young girl Amethyst unexpectedly is there. Diana turned her into a clean crystal statue in order to avoid the death of the young girl from the claws of the tiger.
Amethyst is also the guardian stone, we can see from the above, Amethyst protects girls and lives.
Amethyst also has the effect of enhancing memory, promoting active thinking, helping to concentrate on career and school.

Amethyst Citrine Pearls Gemstone Chain Necklace
Amethyst Citrine Pearls Gemstone Chain Necklace
Amethyst also has a more gentle color, that is, Lavender amethyst, which is also very friendly to friends who do not like bright colors. You might as well choose this one to add beauty to yourself.
Amethyst Stones Pendant Necklace
Next, let’s talk about how Amethyst can be distinguished.
Amethyst is mostly used in jewelry. Its value mainly depends on the following four aspects:
1.Quantity: The less the quantity, the better.
2.Purity: The purer the crystal ball, jewelry, etc., the better.
3.Inclusion: Complete, colorful, clear meaning is top grade.
4.Craft: Modeling requires proportion coordination, clear primary and secondary, vivid image, polishing requires bright, no scratches.
Amethyst Chakra Bracelet
Well, after reading this article, you must have a certain understanding of amethyst. Babies born in February or babies who want to have the same effect can choose such a crystal bracelet for themselves.


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