What is The Benefit of Wearing Elegant Tourmaline and Opal Jewelry for October Birthstone?

Gemstone Pink Opal and White Pearls Beaded Women's Jewelry Set
What is the birthstone of October?  they are Tourmaline and Opal
Tourmaline has a short history of being used as a gemstone, but because of its bright and rich color and high transparency, it won people’s favor when it came out.  In the imperial palaces of the Qing Dynasty, there were many Tourmaline ornaments. Nowadays, tourmaline is a popular medium-grade gemstone, known as October Birthstone.
Tourmaline Pearl Necklace Bracelet Earring
Tourmaline is derived from the ancient Sinhala (Ceylon) word Turmali, meaning “mixed gemstone”. Legend has it that the origin of the tourmaline was in 1703 AD. Several children in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, played with stones brought back by Dutch navigators and found that besides the strange colors in the sunshine, the stones had a power to attract or repel light objects such as dust or scraps. Therefore, the Dutch called them Limestone. Until 1768, Linens, a famous Swedish scientist, discovered that tourmaline also has piezoelectric and thermoelectric properties, which is the origin of tourmaline name. Opal belongs to opal in mineralogy. The changeable and charming color of Opal gemstone is just like a colorful dream, giving people a magical reverie.
Opal is regarded as the birthstone of October, the stone of hope and happiness. The word Opal comes from the Sanskrit word “Bawangshi”, which means gemstone. In Europe, Opel is regarded as the representative of fortune. Ancient Romans called it Cupid Beauty Boy, a symbol of hope and purity.  China and Japan also like Opal gemstone very much.
Gemstone Pearl Necklace Bracelet Earring Set
Gemstone Pearl Necklace Bracelet Earring Set
The tourmaline and Opal have many effects. Let me introduce some of the main effects.
The bright colors make people look comfortable and happy, and at the same time give people a sense of freedom. The minerals in the seals have a very good calming effect, which can make people pay more attention. And its various colors are very good for creative people because they can inspire them and make their career go up a notch. Red tourmaline is similar in color and blood, so to some extent, it has the effect of promoting blood circulation and treating anemia.

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